What Will You Find?
Onboard your floating lifestyle city not only do you have literally the most amazing views in the world at your window, you also have a virtual cities worth of ways to be entertained, and thats without leaving the ship!

Its the life of luxury in this all-inclusive resort community with 1000 other people like yourself. A mini city bustling with entertainment & activities, sports & recreation, entertainment & fabulous restaurants.  Quiet areas for a read, swimming pools to soak in. So much to do, when would you sleep!
A Lifetime Of Entertainment
Choose The Very Best Of Life
As a resident with Cruising Age on a luxury floating lifestyle city the world is your playground. Literally! Enjoying fine wines, award winning chef prepared cuisine, countless sports and recreational activities, cabaret and live performances nightly. Or today just read a book by the pool while gazing at the sun-drenched clouds lazily overhead, before indulging in an afternoon nap then dinner served in your room. Explore the entire world or relax in style. It all sounds so perfect, and these are just some of the things living in our floating city has to offer.​
Now THIS IS Living
Activies Onboard Include things such as: A variety of Sports, Water activities, Decktop BBQ's, Learning languages, Local cuisine, Health spas, Speciality shops, Cafes, Fine dining, All day brunch, Entertaining friends, Karaoke, Yoga, Book Clubs, Cinema movies, Church Services, Discotheques, Walking groups, Cultural and history lessons, Massage, Bridge tournaments, Art & crafts,  Full wifi internet and more than you can imagine finding in a small city!

Its A Floating Lifestyle City!
With All The Comforts Of Home
You Home, Your Way
Bring your furniture and the things you love, your home now.  Make your living space how you like it, after all this is your place.  Find your comfort zone.  Enjoy the feeling of ownership in this magnicifcent vessel.  Host a feast for friends or celebrate in style.
Preparing meals is now choosing which restaurant is your kitchen tonight. Or simply take advantage of the 24 hours room service and stay in bed all day.  You can what you choose.  You are at home!.
So Much Space To Live
Most retirees opt for the convenience of a smaller home with less to clean and maintain.  But you never have to clean, or do maintenance again, its all taken care of by our highly trained friendly crew.
And your place is'nt just your quarters, your living spaces include 1000s of square feet of entertainment areas, relaxation areas, places to meet others, and places to be on your own.  From strolling the decks with the ever changing view, to losing yourself in a book in one your favorite quiet spaces
Rich Toys To Play With Aswell!
Your ship comes with a complete range of 'Rich Toys' for your use

Take a car on a day trip with friends
Go ocean fishing in one of the boats
Ride Jetskis around the harbour
Take a Segway tour of the next destination
Maybe a scenic helipcopter tour to truely admire the beauty

​All available for passengers use when you live onboard your floating lifestyle city with Cruising Age
Your Health Is Our Priority
At any stage in our life there is something we often neglect to give the attention it deserves. Our health. Your health is the most important thing you have, you cant replace it if you lose it, you cant do without it, and when its a problem, there is no greater more pressing problem you could face. 

We have that taken care of for you. We have a team of doctors and nurses available 24 hours a day for anything you may need.  You dont get that in many towns or cities even, certainly not with other retirement options. Our health care is second to none and we are proud of it.

Our full onboard hospital is world class.  Our team can even perform outpatient prodcedures at sea.  We have you covered.

And our insurance packages may well have you better covered that you would be in your home city.  Talk to us today for more information.

And Of Course, Your Family

While we love out families, many any of us dont choose to live in their neighborhood and often we live in different states or even countries.  In the modern day this is no graet problem with cheap flights usually available aswell as the connection we can retain through our technology.

Full internet access means you can contact them whenever you choose, as you do now. Sending pictures and video messages of your ventures and memories. You will certainly have enough free time to flick off a message or video chat by the pool!

And they can come stay with you aswell. Bring your loved ones and show them your lifestyle and make them jealous they are young for a change!

The ULTIMATE Lifestyle

- A floating city with a vibrant community of people like you
- Living a culturally rich life in the worlds finest destinations
- All inclusive luxury with everything at your call

Delicious gourmet meals, without cooking
Be more active, surrounded by activities
Make more friends, with an amazing social life
Be entertained constantly, and ever changing
Engage in culture, all cultures, be a local
Live in style, rock star style
Travel the world. All of it
See the planet, from your own front door

All at prices similar OR LOWER than your normal living costs or traditional retirement village options!